How to Make a Quiz

Video Tutorial

I put together this tutorial for folks who want some guidance on how to make quizzes. If you feel like you've got the hang of it, head on over to create a quiz.

Steps for Making a Quiz

  1. Log in to Quizzly

    Use your Google or Facebook account, or use your email address and choose a password.

  2. Go to "Create a Quiz" in the navigation bar, if you're not there already
  3. Give your quiz a title
  4. Add an image for your quiz

    You can use Google image search to get a copyright-free image. Save the image to your computer and upload it by clicking "Choose file."

  5. Give your quiz a description

    Descriptions should be a sentence or two on what the quiz is about.

  6. Provide at least one topic

    Quizzes must have at least one but no more than five topics.

  7. Write questions and answer choices

    Use the + and - symbols to change the number of answer choices.

  8. Select which choice is the correct choice
  9. Add more questions by clicking "new question"
  10. When done, click "Submit"