About Quizzly

What's this for?

You can use Quizzly for all kinds of things:

  • Make a pop quiz for the classroom
  • Add a quiz to liven up a presentation
  • Create a quiz to help prepare yourself for an exam
  • Corporate training - make sure employees are in the know
  • Study for a certification test
  • Test your trivia skills
  • Make trivia about your favorite things
  • See the latest quizzes created by quizzlers!


Quizzly was launched in October 2016. This is the Beta release, so it is very close in function to the final release, but some design changes and bonus features are on the way. All of your quizzes will still be here.

Here are some upcoming things:

  • Private quizzes, viewable only to you and your virtual classroom
  • Achievement badges

Tips & Tricks

Check out the tutorial on how to make quizzes.

Here are some things you can do with the site that you might not know about yet:

  • When taking a quiz, you can use the Alt key plus the number key that corresponds to your answer to select, and Alt + N for Next, and Alt + B to go back
  • When creating a quiz, simply drag and drop to reorder your questions

The Rules

There are only two rules here, both of which apply to quiz creation. Quizzes that break either of these rules are subject to deletion:

  • No profanity or sexual content
  • Quizzes must be based on facts and not opinion